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No matter your skill level, we are here to help you make an impact.

Ice Hockey Game


Lacroix Hockey is dedicated to bring hockey coaches, players, families together by sharing experience and knowledge with each other. We will be hosting interactive community events covering a wide range of topics: from exercises to improve technique on the ice to seminars on branding, recruiting, and mental health. Lacroix Hockey will use a wide database of hockey professionals as guest speakers. Events will consist of wide range of topics that will ultimately make hockey players better overall from on ice coaching tips, to strength training, mental heath and team management.


Advisors for Amateur Players of all Ages

Whether you're just beginning to hone your craft, or if you are on the cusp of recruitment into college hockey, our team of trusted advisors are here to guide you every step of the way.

Our Approach

Create an Effective Plan 

Every player is different, as well their support group and family. We will look at the whole picture for each client and assess based on our knowledge and experience. Goals are set high with whatever parameters or hurdles each client has.

We will review.:

  • Team situations and placement

  • Finances - Planning for the future

  • Academics

  • End goal - Division I, Division III, Junior, Professional

Skill and Player Review 

We are committed to the "8 viewing rule" of scouting where each player needs to be seen at least 8 times in each season. This is done with in-person viewings and video analysis.  This knowledge will guide us to the strengths and weaknesses of each player and establish a growth plan based on each season.

"8 viewings" is a common phrase amongst scouts. It usually takes 8 good viewings of a player to understand their strengths and weaknesses. We are committed to that. Our staff will see each client at least 8 times over the course of each season. 

Skill Development

Skill development is key in today's game, although it is often hard to work on and master in a team environment. Team coaches can get wrapped up in team concepts and drills and rightfully so. However, each player needs on- and off-ice drills to increase individual skills. We provide private skill development for each client with some of the best coaches around.

Player Future and Team Placement

One of our strengths is our strong database of coaches and managers across North America. We are dedicated to finding the best fit and team for our clients. From Junior hockey, prep schools, Division 1 College, to pro. We prepare and put our clients in the best situations for individual success.

All Around 

This one is big for us. We believe the core needs to be strong. If the core is weak, it is hard to obtain any goal. Our clients will get all-around education and mentorship. We believe that becoming a good person, having a good education, come before becoming a great hockey player. 


Roller Hockey Players





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