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It is important that the PSA (prospective student athlete) understand that Advisors are permissible with in the governing body of the NCAA.  There are some guidelines that one must follow to ensure that they maintain their NCAA eligibility.

  • PSA's (prospective student athlete) and their families are permitted to have advisors to offer guidance and advice, so long as that advisor does not market his or her client's hockey skills or negotiate with professional teams on behalf of the client.

  • If a PSA (prospective student athlete) or his family uses the services of an advisor, he must compensate that advisor in an amount equal to the services provided.

  • PSAs (prospective student athlete) are not permitted to enter into an agreement with the intent that your advisor will represent you in the future as an agent.

  • PSAs (prospective student athlete) are not permitted to accept benefits from advisors, such as money, meals, clothing, hockey equipment, or other things of value.

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